Elderflower + Coconut Milk Bath

Elderflower + Coconut Milk Bath


Luxurious coconut milk powder and skin-softening elderflower mingle together in this soul-soothing bath soak. With epsom salts to help ease tension in the physical body, and lavender buds to quieten the mind and comfort the senses, this is a cozy, dreamy blend for relaxing and caring for the inner softness in each of us. Finished with hints of grapefruit to lighten the psyche, exotic vanilla to entice the senses, and grounding vetiver to balance and restore.

Contains: *coconut milk powder, epsom salts, *elderflowers, *lavender buds, essential oils of *white grapefruit, *vetiver, *vanilla in jojoba


8 oz glass jar | Net Wt. 4.5 oz

Please recycle after use.




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