Ebb + Flow {Lymphatic Body Oil}

Ebb + Flow {Lymphatic Body Oil}


“It is true there is ebb and flow, but the sea remains the sea.” -Vincent Van Gogh

Serving as a primordial sea of sorts in our bodies, the lymphatic system is innately connected to the immune, circulatory, and digestive systems, and is mostly concerned with transport and removal of wastes in the body. This body oil is formulated with plants and plant oils that have been worked with traditionally to assist in this process. Essential oils included to support overall circulation, relaxation, and vitality, while offering an uplifting and slightly spicy aroma.

Massage into skin using circular motions. Especially luxurious after bathing or as a massage oil. For external use only.

Contains: *sunflower, *sesame, and *castor oils infused with *violet leaf, *calendula flowers, *rosemary, and ^wakame seaweed; essential oils of *grapefruit, *lentisque, *rosemary, and *cypress; +vitamin e

*organic   ^sustainably wildharvested +non-gmo

2 oz frosted glass bottle with pump

Please recycle bottle after use.




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