Mystic Mountain {Botanical Beard Oil}

Mystic Mountain {Botanical Beard Oil}


Inspired by my journeys in the majestic Andes mountains of Peru, this oil starts with a rich blend of organic base oils infused with skin-healing calendula and soothing bay leaf. A light touch of essential oils tops off the blend with bright, refreshing notes reminiscent of sun-soaked breezes wafting through the Sacred Valley. In these areas of the high Andes, there is a rich tradition and strong belief that the mountains are god-beings themselves that watch over and provide for the people of their region. They are highly revered and honored daily.

>>Softly scented with Andean mint (muña) and eucalyptus.<<

Suggested Use: Incorporate this oil after a bath or shower, massaging into clean facial hair and surrounding skin.

Contains: oils of +avocado, *sweet almond, *argan, and *castor infused with *calendula (calendula officinalis) and *bay leaf (laurus nobilis); essential oils of ^muña (minthostachys mollis) and ^eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus), +vitamin e

*organic.  ^sustainably wildcrafted   +non-gmo

2 oz amber glass bottle with pump

Please recycle bottle after use.




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