Tulsi + Palo Santo {Body Oil}

Tulsi + Palo Santo {Body Oil}


Sacred, beloved, grounding- these are the qualities of both tulsi, also know as sacred or holy basil, and palo santo, whose name literally means “holy wood”. Tulsi is a soothing balm to the nervous system, an adaptogen, and a plant that invokes devotion and gratitude in those who work with her often. Palo Santo is gathered sustainably from trees that have fallen naturally, and lain in the same spot for at least 3 years. This wood is calming, grounding, and brings about a feel of the wisdom of the ancients. This oil is lovely as a soothing topical, and can also be used during meditation or as an anointing oil.

Incorporate this oil after a bath or shower, as a relaxing massage oil, or a soothing abhyanga. For a special treat, gently warm before massaging into skin.

>>Softly scented with calming tulsi and grounding palo santo.<<

Contains: *sunflower oil infused with *tulsi (ocimum sanctum), *calendula (calendula officinalis) ^palo santo (bursera graveolens); essential oils of *tulsi and ^palo santo; +vitamin e

*organic   +non-gmo ^sustainably wild-harvested

2 oz frosted glass bottle with pump

Please recycle bottle after use.




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