Spirit Mist {Floral Water}

Spirit Mist {Floral Water}

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Deeply invigorating, energetically uplifting, cleansing, and protective, Spirit Mist is inspired by the traditions of floral waters and agua de Florida.

Florida Water, also known as agua de florida (flower water), is a centuries-old tool used by many cultures and peoples throughout the Americas. What started as a “cologne water” eventually became known for its cleansing and clearing properties, as well as its use for blessings and other rituals, and was adopted into use by a variety of spiritual traditions and cultures. Dancing Sage Spirit Mist is a blend of some of the traditional plants worked with in the Peruvian Andes, plants that Anna Claire has worked with personally during her studies there and time spent with her Andean and Q’ero teachers. Other plants in the blend include those from her own European and Native American lineages, as well as those in the Appalachian bioregion. Each plant is chosen carefully based on its own energetic signature, its aroma or fragrance, and traditional uses. Once the herbs have infused in spring water and organic cane alcohol for a full moon cycle, the mixture is strained and blended with a proprietary potion of plants hydrosols and essential oils.

Floral waters are traditionally used for energetic cleansing and clearing of the body, sacred space, and tools; for protection, healing, or as an offering or blessing. Florida Water dispels negativity, and invites in abundance and sweetness in life. Add to water for washing floors or countertops, mix a bit into bath water, or spray to cleanse and recharge crystals and other healing tools. Excellent to carry with you as a spritz to set sacred space or clear away heavy energies when you are unable to use smoke or smudge to do so. Can also be used as taught to me by my teachers in Peru: spritz or pour a small amount into hands, rub hands together, clap 3 times, and inhale deeply. Use any remainder left in hands to massage into back of neck or over forehead, temple, third eye, and crown chakra regions, using your sacred imagination to visualize these areas being energetically cleansed and recharged.

Contains: palma dulce, muña, wiracoya, citrus peel, cinnamon, bee balm, rosemary, lime zest, yarrow, clove, bay leaf, calendula, lavender, cane alcohol, spring water, Ritual Botanica artisan hydrosol, essential oil blend, Peruvian pink salt, amethyst stone essence

*all ingredients grown organically or sustainably wildcrafted

2 oz amber glass bottle with spray top or 4 oz clear glass bottle with cap..

Please recycle after use.



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