Donation: School Supplies for Children in the Sacred valley of Peru

Donation: School Supplies for Children in the Sacred valley of Peru

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During the month of April, I will be journeying back to the beloved lands of Peru both on my own with friends, and with the wonderful non-profit, Plants and Healers International. Along the way, we will be convening with and studying the plants, and connecting with the local people and culture. We are beyond privileged to have such opportunities, and it is a goal- and perhaps responsibility- that we give thanks and give back where we can.

In the Andes mountains and Sacred Valley of Peru, the high altitudes and varied weather, paired with lack of infrastructure and other resources, can make a seemingly simple task- such as getting to school- an incredible challenge. While we may not be able to directly impact the travel and resources it takes for the children in these regions to get to school each day, what we can do is provide other resources that may be of support. Some of these items may include warm clothing such as jackets, gloves, and hats, or school supplies such as pencils, colored pencils, paper, and notebooks. We will be taking such items with us on our journey to share with children we meet along the way, and also with some of the schools we will be visiting, such as Chitapampa and Yasay Wasicha. If you would like to join us in this effort, we greatly welcome and appreciate your donation. Sign up for the Dancing Sage newsletter, and we’ll be sure to share stories and photos upon our return!

*All donations will go towards supplies and resources to be distributed to the people of the Sacred Valley of Peru, namely the children and schools. If there are funds in excess of what we are able to physically transport with us due to space and weight limitations, they will be donated to the organizations in kind. We humbly thank you for your contributions.

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