Honeysuckle {Flower Essence}

Honeysuckle {Flower Essence}


Ah, honeysuckle…almost everyone here in the South can conjure up a childhood memory of the scent of these sweet early summer blossoms filling the air, the delight of tiny droplets of nectar tantalizing the tastebuds and bringing immediate feelings of joy and presence. As a flower essence, honeysuckle evokes much of the same feeling, allowing us to live peacefully and joyfully in the present moment, with gratitude for all it has to offer. Honeysuckle is a wonderful ally for those who are stuck in the past, who often reminisce about “the good ol’ days”, or those who just can’t seem to move on after a loss or change in life. Consider honeysuckle essence when you’re ready to move forward in life, when you feel “stuck” in a current or past scenario or situation, and to feel more joy and peace in the present moment.

"be here now”

Contains: wildcrafted honeysuckle (lonicera japonica) flower essence, spring water, NC artisan apple brandy

++Charged with an assortment of healing stones, frequencies, and reiki.++

Suggested Use: 3-4 drops two to three times a day, or as needed. Add flower essences to drinking water (or bath water!), massage into pulse points, use as an anointing potion, or simply take directly on the tongue.

*This is a vibrational remedy and does not contain any physical plants or their constituents.*

1/2 oz green glass bottle with dropper

Please recycle after use.




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