Wood Betony {Flower Essence}

Wood Betony {Flower Essence}


Wood Betony, a spiritual herb of the Druids and yet another member of the healing mint family, is a wonderful essence for lack of groundedness or clarity in life. Long used as an amulet for spiritual protection, wood betony is believed to keep away evil spirits and to help reinforce one’s own aura or willpower. Connecting the third eye or pineal gland with the gut, wood betony encourages strengthened intuition and gut level instinct. Work with this flower essence when you feel a lack of clarity or direction in life, when wanting to strengthen your intuitive perception, or when you feel outside energies are getting to you or bringing you down. Great for use in crowds, especially in situations where people may be hurt, wounded, or upset (such as hospitals, graveyards, or other public spaces where negative energy may accumulate).

"grounding into truth”

Contains: organic wood betony (stachys officinalis) flower essence, spring water, NC artisan apple brandy

++Charged with an assortment of healing stones, frequencies, and reiki.++

Suggested Use: 3-4 drops two to three times a day, or as needed. Add flower essences to drinking water (or bath water!), massage into pulse points, use as an anointing potion, or simply take directly on the tongue.

*This is a vibrational remedy and does not contain any physical plants or their constituents.*

1/2 oz green glass bottle with dropper

Please recycle after use.




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